Special Information:                Commercial Cook/Baker course  is designed in 4 modules of training    
                                                        Monday through  Friday, 8:30 AM to 3:30PM for 4 successive weeks      
                                                        totaling 120 clock hours of instruction. 



Commercial Cook/Baker course will address the academic and practical training proficiencies needed to prepare students for entry into the job market as Commercial Cook/Bakers or Assistants in a variety of professional culinary positions. Training in the fundamentals of the culinary arts, pastries, baking skills, and personal management techniques that prepare students for lifelong continuing education and career development.

The daily meal is used as a training tool to critique and reinforce the experiences gained
in preparation, presentation, service and tasting of the foods prepared during kitchen experience daily.


Sclafani’s Cooking School, Inc. is located at 107 Gennaro Place, Metairie, Louisiana, 70001.  The  school  consists  of  a  building  housing  a  classroom/dining  room,  a commercially equipped kitchen, practical hands-on preparation room, storage area and a counseling/administrative office.

The size of the school is sufficient to accommodate 10 to 15 students in each class
session. This small class size allows for individualized instruction and interaction.

It is important for proper evaluation and technique modification that supervision is avail-
able as tasks are being performed in order to effect change and to improve performance.

The facility is inspected as a restaurant by the state board of health and complies with all
local, state and federal agencies regarding safety and permits.

On premises parking is available for students. Reserved parking and ramps are in
service for the handicapped.