Investing in training is an investment in your future career. Sclafani's Cooking School, Inc. was founded on the principal belief that in 4 weeks of intensive training, we can prepare properly qualified and motivated persons to be job-ready as Commercial Cook/Bakers or assistants. Upon completion of this program, students who had no previous experience at working in this industry have been successful at entering a wide variety of professional culinary properties. Sclafani's Cooking School, Inc. also provides students the opportunity to upgrade already acquired skills in this competitive culinary job market.

We firmly believe through our proven methods of instruction, this experience will provide a lifelong continuing education foundation that prepares graduates for upward professional mobility opportunities in this exciting culinary career.

           AND PROCEDURES:

How Admitted: Interview Placement Officer

Interview appointments are scheduled for candidates at the school facility and usually occur in a group session.  The purpose of this session is to explore the goals and objectives of the candidate and how the training can meet these aims.  An overview of the program, classroom, kitchen and text are explained and open questions are reviewed. Those who are enrolled participate in an orientation where procedures, policies, and schedules are reviewed.  Uniforms, books and other necessary equipment are assigned to each student. This important information allows the potential participant to begin the first day of culinary
training confidently prepared.

A standard test, Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam, is administered to all who apply through the Admittance Office.

Required Grade Level of pre-testing for admittance to Sclafani’s Cooking School, Inc.,
Commercial Cook/Baker Certificate Program are:

                                            Reasoning                    Grade Level 7 and above
                                            Math                              Grade Level 7 and above
                                            Language                     Grade Level 7 and above  

Reading, studying, testing and skilled competencies are full time challenges expected to be met with enthusiasm. Therefore, it is only fair to challenge those culinarians, who can master this training by testing the basic academic skills necessary for entrance.